Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Slow Season-

I have the privilege of living in a part of the world that will permit outdoor cooking most of the year, in reasonable comfort. That being said, I have had a bit of a slow-down in grilling and barbecue.

We had some boned chicken breasts in the refrigerator, and I really did want to give them a nice smoking. I did three of them with Rudy's rub, purchased from Rudy's Barbecue when we were in Texas a few weeks back. The other two I did with my usual rub of seasoned salt, salt and black pepper.

I figured about an hour and a half for the cooking. I prepped the barbecue, got the fire going, heated the smoke chamber and laid out the meat. As usual I applied the thermometer probe in the piece furthest from the fire.

Generosity with fuel seems to be the key to good cooking time and a quality product with the Char-Broil Silver Smoker. Most of my cooking is with the vents wide open, keeping the smoke chamber at around 250 degrees. I have not needed to use a bellows since applying the rule of generosity.

My estimated time was about right. To finish this batch I raked the coals into a pile at the back of the fire box and put the fire box grill in place. I gave the pieces about two minutes per side of direct heat before taking them out and serving them.

My fuel was again Kingsford Mesquite charcoal. I applied no additional smoke chips. I prefer the Mesquite because I really like the more aggressive smoke flavor. I think it worked well for this batch. Juicy, and well balanced between spices, smoke and chicken flavors.

I am thinking about that Thanksgiving Turkey. Hmmmm. Maybe a test run in a week or two?

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