Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I found, in the comments on a prior blog relating to soy sauce and vinegar, a comment by Xeixeiniii. She described the soy sauce and vinegar as adobo, a Filipino sauce.

So, I checked with the most modern repository of knowledge and wisdom, Wikipedia. I found an entry for adobo that is deliciously descriptive. Like most sauces adobo has many forms. It really looks like a fun sauce with which to experiment.

My barbecue for this last weekend was a boneless beef rib roast. At four and a half pounds it took about four hours to cook. I had two cloves of garlic left from the lamb I did the week before, and cut slivers to insert into the roast. I then rubbed it with olive oil and sprinkled a moderate coating of my standard spice rub. That is a spicy seasoned salt, course salt and black pepper, in equal portions.

It turned out rather nicely. The family enjoyed it, and there was fair amount left for adding to spaghetti sauces and other applications.

If there is any left when I get home later this week it will probably be a bit dry. However, I suspect I can cobble up an adobo to cook it in that will revive this delicious meat and provide at least one more meal.

I certainly want to experiment with adobo in several of its incarnations.

I will take notes.

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