Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barbecue Budget-

Yep, the Christmas season was fiscally draining. I literally have not had enough money to barbecue. Oh, we have had a little rain. Nothing to stop barbecuing. It got a touch cold, but nothing like most people have to face.

No, the problem was money. Some genius decided that it would be a great idea to have people pay their property taxes just before Christmas. Wonderful idea! At the very time we are spending in excess for unnecessary things to give to each other, we have to make a contribution to the government.

Living on a budget is nothing new in my family. However, with the smaller amount available for food purchases (after the massive spending on the holiday meals) I just can't squeeze out the funds for charcoal and a lovely slab of meat. Add to that the fact that someone else usually spends the food funds before I get a chance to make my input regarding a nice barbecue, and the season becomes barbecue free.

So, I am proposing to the management that a gift certificate for the grocery store be purchased on a semi-regular basis. That way the meat money will be available when the proper time for a grand barbecue presents itself.

You know, like because it is Thursday. Or because the sun is shining. Because the sun isn't shining. Mostly because barbecue just tastes good!

Yep, gotta get some coals burning and some smoke in the wind!

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Rachete said...

I like your blog. Although I think it is more of a 'man thing'. :)