Friday, May 29, 2009

Reheated Baked Beans for lunch-

Day off. Doin' stuff. Quick breakfast. Do more stuff. Gettin' hungry. Hmmm. What's in the 'fridge?

A bowl of baked beans left over from a previous barbecue. Canned beans. Good, but it needs something. Dig a little more in the 'fridge. Hmm. Some cheese here.

I placed two pieces of provolone on the bottom of a bowl. I nuked the beans for two minutes while I grated some Parmesan cheese onto the provolone. Checked the beans. Two more minutes.

What else do I have here? Oh, some Doritos Nacho cheese flavored chips in the little lunch sized bags. I broke up some chips and dropped them in the bowl with the other cheeses. The beans were hot, so I added some to the bowl. More broken chips. More beans. More chips. More beans. Top with Parmesan (grated) and give it another quick nuking.

Mix. Eat. Pretty good. Not hungry anymore.

Time to do more stuff. Like clean up the kitchen and contemplate why bloggers think anyone wants to know what they are eating.

Got blog?

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