Thursday, December 23, 2010

Perhaps, someday-

My last post in this blog was about the time we started selling our house. It has not yet sold, though we got so close as to have packed everything up and moved it all to storage in our target new location. The sale fell through, so we are essentially camping in our house while we seek a new buyer in the worst home market since 1963.

Needless to say, I haven't been barbecue oriented since I gave my Char-Broil Silver Smoker to my son. I figured moving it a few blocks made more sense than trying to take it hundreds of miles. I can get a replacement, and possibly try something new and different. I am not yet decided what that will be.

Additionally, I am learning to eat differently. I have lost 40 pounds or so, and in the Holiday Season my best hope is to maintain that loss and not loose ground by gaining weight. In learning to eat differently I hope to equip our new home with tools for food experimentation and lots of food related learning.

So, eventually I will be back, posting in this blog with such things as seem blog-worthy. Until then, I am camping in my own home and waiting on whatever comes next...

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Jamie Days said...

Im sorry to hear about the sale falling through on your home. I just recently purchased a home. We had a few minor set backs but all in all it ended well. It is a buyers market right now but hopefully you are able to get close to your asking price.

As for keeping off the pounds during the holidays. I have never been great at that. My love for food hinders me. I refuse to back away from the table. I look forward to reading more of your cooking adventures.