Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lump o' Beef-

Most of the family is away this weekend. I was picking up a few things to eat over the next few days. Kielbasa and Black Beans and Rice. Oh! There's a nice piece of beef for only five dollars! Grab that!

So, I barbecued it today. Sat in the back yard, read a book, and periodically tended the meat. I used a barbecue rub I found in the Dollar Tree for only a dollar! Not bad. I tried to limit the amount of fuel to play with temperature control. It went alright, but I never reached target temperature. I planned for about two and a half hours, and toward the end it got up to 150 degrees internal. It hovered there for about the last hour. For the last thirty minutes I tossed in a piece of Kielbasa.

I felt fine with the beef sitting at 150 degrees or so for an hour. I didn't want to dry it out, so I decided that it was done. I cut it into four pieces. The ends were reserved for chopping, to use tomorrow. So was the sausage.

I ate one of the center pieces. I gave the other to my son Jon. It was just fine. Good smoke flavor. I used Kingsford mesquite briquettes along with soaked mesquite chips for smoke. The flavor was deep without being overwhelming. I was right about my timing. Any longer and the meat would have started loosing juices. It was just right.

I chopped up the rest for tomorrow. I have a box of Rice-a-Roni Mexican style that will be enhanced by the chopped beef and sausage. I figure that I will stretch that five dollar piece of meat over two or three meals for myself, and one for my son.

Something I really want to get is a bellows. I would like to have the ability to pump up the heat, and I like the personal involvement that a bellows will offer. My wife was thoroughly displeased when her hair dryer failed after I used it on the barbecue. I think it was just a coincidence.

Oh, and the beer of the day was New Belgium breweries Fat Tire. I like this ale. It has a delicate earthy flavor, with mild hopping. It has a very malty finish. Quite tasty.

I must say that visiting the meat counter wherever there is one has become fun. I only regret that I can only eat so much on any given day. I actually am having to cut back. My aging tummy can't face the challenges I gave it in the past. Now, I need to focus on quality, and enjoy anticipating the next dining opportunity.


Katy said...

I really do think I am going to have to come and visit, especially if you'll cook me a nice slab of meat.

Should I bring some bacon? I hear there's trouble if you run out...

Michael Lockridge said...

Mmmm! Bacon. More never hurts. Lots of things are better with bacon.

Everything is better with cheese. Even cheese is better with cheese.

And bacon.

And beer.

Beth said...

That's my Katy up there. Just in case you wanted to know who the crazy person talking about bacon was.