Monday, August 11, 2008

Rudy's Barbecue-

One barbecue pundit on the Travel Channel said, "Barbecue is a destination." This inferred that real barbecue is best done by professionals in a place dedicated to the art. While I enjoy my efforts in learning the art, I truly enjoy finding good barbecue.

When I am in San Antonio, Texas, I really like to visit Rudy's. My favorite is the Chopped. Brisket, turkey breast, and sausage chopped fine and sold by the pound. You get a bunch of sliced white bread with which to eat it. Scoop up some chopped and put it on the bread, fold it and eat it. Fabulous!

It is great with a beer, but also really good with their sweet tea. I must have consumed two gallons of the stuff over the nine days we were in San Antonio. Along with this is some of the best creamed corn I have ever tasted.

While I like cooking barbecue, I really like eating barbecue. I could easily make a career of visiting barbecue joints and enjoying everything barbecue. Especially since it embraces sausage and beer, two other favorites of mine.

Another blogger recommended Kansas City barbecue. I long for the experience. And I can't miss Memphis. Or the Carolinas. Yep, the road is calling.


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